I Wuv You…

>Today has been another fun day.  It has been nice to have Valentines fun without working up to the inevitable sugar buffet, crowded room and chaos.  Today has been about what all holidays should be about the relationships. Example-    As the children came in they placed the Valentines they brought in their friends envelopes. […]

Oh wont you be my Valentine

>Today we worked on our Valentines Envelopes that will hold out friends valentines.  It is really fun to watch the kids creativity as they decide what to do. Planning a project is actually a benchmark that we look for and work toward.   For some the planning still just includes – using as much glue […]

Hodge Podge

>Ok, no quote today about play, it has been TOO crazy.  I wish some time you could just hang out and see what all we do all day.  We did it all again today but add in- DHS vouchers came by to introduce themselves and drop off new packets. I  dont have voucher children but […]

Valentines Fun

> Randy and I are attending a 30 hours class right now called Frameworks and I have seen some interesting research on play and a child’s developement.  I want to share some with you! Randy and the girls playing beauty shop! There is overwhelming research that supports  the importance of play in young children’s  overall development.  The next […]

Mr Sun

>Oh Mr Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun… please shine down on me. I think we will be hearing this a lot this  week.  The weatherman seems to think it will rain every day this week.  Gee… thanks. Today wasnt  actually too bad.  We had four of our friends out. One is sick, one is coughing […]

The monitor disappointment

>Over a year ago  our monitor broke.   We really missed having it but the old one stayed in the shop for atleast a year until they finally said, we cant fix it.  We found one on Ebay that is compatible to our cameras and bought it!  We were so excited today to find the […]

3 D Art

>One of our little boys has really gotten into 3 D Art lately. I am sure we have gone through rolls and rolls of tape.   Every once in a while you run into a child that you know by his imagination and creativity – you better be nice to him- he will be your […]

The Day it Rained Hearts

>Today we read the book ” The Day it Rained Hearts”. When the children went outside, the found that it had rained hearts in our yard too ! They were so excited and would run in with a heart in hand yelling ” I found one, I found one.” Nothing like sparking a child’s imagination!

Keepers of the stuff?

>I do’nt know why but this week I have felt more like  Miss Mary.  The children are all so busy learning and doing and doing and learning that it just feels GOOD! Here are some of the ooey gooey ladies philosophies.   Long periods of uninterrupted free time for exploration and interaction with educational materials and […]

Ground Hog Day

> Today has been a fun day. If you  remember my post about ” Miss Mary’s house” , today I TOTALLY felt like Miss Mary.  To the left see the massive 3D Art that Elliot has made, he called it his airplane, so today we spray painted it! Halle LOVED the new playdoh! I made […]