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Published on November 10, 2011 under dinosaurs

During parent / teacher conferences this morning there was extra fun going on.  The unplanned kind !































Three of the yard sticks I bought yesterday got broken and instead of wasting them Mr. Randy cut off the broken ends and made shorter rulers. He had some help.
















The kids loved the masks Miss Mellissa made the other day so much that they talked Andreas mom , Brenda, into making more while she waited her turn for her conference !












































































Magical math things happen when you put enough materials of one kind out for the kids to play with.  Go back and look at all the complex thinking going on here.  I did not give instructions on how to use the dinosaurs at all . I only placed them on the table.  I see them sorted by color, kind , size and even a mommy long neck and a baby long neck.
















Look how busy these guys are preparing lunch !
















We had dinosaur paint stampers out today with the LETTER D stamp

In small groups today the kids learned about fossils.  They made fossils from toy dinosaurs and clay ( in the oven as we speak ) and watched a little 2 minute video about fossils .































It was a dinoriffic day.


That is the link to the fossil video !


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