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Learning Takes Place Every Where

Published on October 24, 2017 under DAP

As I work through really embracing the Reggio philosophy and a child-led curriculum I have been honest enough to say I am STRUGGLING .  I am on the STRUGGLE bus and riding full steam ahead.  I miss my theme boxes. I miss my very structured lesson plans. I miss being in control of the learning.  ( There should be one of those emoticons here that has huge eyes.. )   It’s helpful to remind myself what they are learning while they play.   So I decided today to take three  pictures and look through the new  Arkansas  Early Learning Standards and see what learning goals  we are hitting through play.



Interacts with Peers

Demonstrates   competence and confidence

Demonstrates locomotor skills

Shows willingness to try new things

Shows persistence in approaching tasks

Focuses and sustains attention

Regulates impulses and behaviors

Shows stability and balance

Adjust grasp and coordination movements to use tools

Demonstrates gross – motor skills

Demonstrates fine motor strength , control and coordination

Demonstrates interest in exploring new experiences or materials with increasing willingness to participate  in new activities or experiences , even of the child perceives them as challenging .

Interacts with peers

Shows curiosity and a willingness to try new things

Demonstrates locomotor skills

Shows stability and balance

Demonstrates gross motor manipulative skills

Uses tolls and engineering practices to explore and solve problems


Interacts with peers

Demonstrates competence and confidence

Engages in Symbolic and abstract thinking

Demonstrates fine -motor strength , control and coordination

Understands and Responds to Language

Communicates using social and conversational rules

Demonstrates progress in attending to, understanding and responding to English

Demonstrates progress in speaking and expressing self in English

Uses classification and patterning skills

Explores feelings, relationships and concepts through initiation , pretend play and sociodramatic play .


So many times when we think of early  learning we think of ABC’s and 123’s.  Between 49-60 months children typically can decide if two words rhyme and that some words sound the same at the beginning .  They also can start to understand that print has meaning and show an increasing awareness of print concepts .   Between 37 and 60 months children can begin to recognize and name an increasing number of letters correctly , especially those in their own name. Between 49 and 60 months they can usually write their name with or without mistakes. It is common  for them to write their letters backward or exclude and switch letters .  So, as you can see sitting all of the children down to ” teach ” them how to spell their name or write it or memorize letters or sounds would be rather silly since it is not expected until they are nearing 5 and then not all the time.  Our time is more appropriately spent doing the things like in the pictures above . We are learning so many  more valuable skills than just reciting something some crazy lady with dark hair sung 1000 times .


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