The Three Billy Goats Gruff

> Some of the things we learned today! THREE Bullies are BAD! Small Medium and Large Real ( goats ) vs. Not real ( troll) G Here is a video […]

The Three Bears

>This week we are still looking at some of our favorite fairy tales. ( Many come in three’s. Have you ever thought about that?) Today we went on an adventure […]

Rockstars !

>Celebrating our first full week of preschool !

Cinderelly Cinderelly

>Wow.. is it Friday yet? It is hard to get into routine but I know it is like exercise. No pain, No gain. So, we keep plugging away. Each day […]

Jack and the Bean Stalk

>Today has been hectic. I thought yesterday would be crazy since it was our first day without Mrs. Beth’s help, but it was relatively calm. I am just guessing this […]

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

>Today was such a beautiful morning that we couldnt pull ourselves off the play ground! We had BREAKFAST OUTSIDE! The kids loved it. We had granola bars and they just […]

A Day of First

>Today was our first day painting ! The kids LOVED the easel. REMINDER….. wear junk clothes. We wear smocks but somehow they always get it on them. Today was our […]

Friday Wrap up!

>Today has been a regular day. We still had the two children that are having a hard time struggle a little as they came in but quickly recovered. We added […]

2nd Day is a Charm

>Wow, i am totally blown away by the wonderful day that we have had. By 8 am everyone that was a little uneasy about coming in had calmed down and […]

First Day Jitters

>We had a great first day today getting to know each other and exploring all our cool play spaces. Below you will find many pictures but only a small fraction […]