Lots of Learning going on !

> Today has been one of those days that you say ” this is the way it is supposed to be.” Yesterday, I spent a lot of time looking around […]

Stick Day

> At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.  Todays gold is happening as we speak. My dad just came out of surgery from getting his defibbrulator […]

Happy Dance

>I am doing the happy dance right now.  I just talked to my mom and  they are moving my dad to a regular room out of CCU !  Woo WHOO! […]

Debbie’s Back

>I am back in preschool today  ! Preschool sure beats a CCU waiting room any day ! Today we introduced “What is Spring! ”  The kids had  some really great […]

My Dad

>I dont have a lot to write about today. My mom called at 7:15 to let me know she and my dad were headed to the ER in Fayetteville. Dad […]

Worker Trucks!

>Today we took a little trip to the park to see trucks that work !   I knew they were doing some work down there and thought it would be […]

Wonderful Weather!!!!

>Today is a day that reminds me how thankful I am that I teach in a family childcare home than in a public school setting.  With that said, can I […]

Row Row Row your Boat

>The children are all sleeping…. shhhh….. Today we started to explore water transportation.  We read Noah’s Ark.  ( Yes, we can do that…) The kids loved the story. It was […]

Paper Airplanes

>Today  we expanded on our talk of things that can transport us in the air. We read a book called ” Peter and Peggie” Pilot.  In the book we talked […]

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 Blast off

>Today we talked about ways to ride through the air. I am convinced that my kiddos watch too much TV. They ALWAYS say… a bird!   I would hate to […]