Row Row Row your Boat

>The children are all sleeping…. shhhh….. Today we started to explore water transportation.  We read Noah’s Ark.  ( Yes, we can do that…) The kids loved the story. It was told from Noah’s grandsons point of view.    We made sail boats from fun foam and little bowls.   The kids really had fun with […]

Paper Airplanes

>Today  we expanded on our talk of things that can transport us in the air. We read a book called ” Peter and Peggie” Pilot.  In the book we talked about the kinds of things that we see in an airplane but we also talked about P words. The kids came up with about 15 […]

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 Blast off

>Today we talked about ways to ride through the air. I am convinced that my kiddos watch too much TV. They ALWAYS say… a bird!   I would hate to see the size of the bird that I would need to ride. SCARY! I went to a pre-k meeting at Northside last night. It was […]

The Wheels on the Bus

> The wheels on the bus go Round and Round Round and Round Round and Round  The wheels on the bus go Round and Round All through the town ! Since we are studying modes of transportation we had the school bus come visit today! The kids were so excited!  A couple were a little […]

Thing that go!

>The kids were greeted this morning by all kinds of new things to explore on the table.  We had tiny jet airplanes to count and sort.  A new 25 piece puzzle that three of the kids DID PUT TOGETHER TODAY! YAHOO~   about 75 little match box cars that they can sort, count, stack.  It […]