Modes of Transportation

Some of our friends that have been gone a while were back today !   Harelly , who is normall very quiet came back with a voice !   I love when kids grow into their confidence.  She even sung a song for us all at lunch all by herself. Do you ever just wonder […]

Emily is Here !

        Today  our new friend started. Her name is Emily.  Emily is four years old .  She lives with her grandma , Lisa and her grandpa , Glenn.  Rarely do I ever have an opening in the middle of the year and wondered how hard it would be to fill after Malachy […]

Busy Friday – I need the weekend to rest !

We had a particularly busy day today.  I had four parent conferences before 8:30 am.  At 8:30 Malia’s dad arrived with his HUGE semi .  I was as amazed as the kids were.  I couldn’t believe how much room was in the cab. He had a bed in there.  All 16 kids got up in […]


>Today we walked down to the railroad tracks in hopes of seeing the train and WE DID! We were there about 10 minutes and hear the whistle blow. The kids were so excited ! The bummer part of that story is in the process I dropped my camera which is now BROKEN.. bummer…… Many of […]

Ze Plane Ze Plane!

> We are still talking about transportation today. I just walked around and snapped a few pictures of the children as they played. Here is Cohen working a puzzle. It really is a great puzzle – though simple it is flexible . The kids can mix up the vehicles and make silly ones. Audrey playing […]

B is for Bus and B is for Bike

> Last night was FUN! We all met at the park for BYOB night. BRING YOUR OWN BIKE! We had several parents show up with kiddos and we had a blast ! Today a school bus visited us to show us another form of transportation ! The kids loved getting on. Some things we learned […]

Ways We Go !

> Before I go into todays activities I would like to show you a picture of one of the things that makes me smile. I love walking into a room to find children learning and helping each other. Some things out on our table this week. We have four flannel pieces that depict air, water, […]

Horses Of course !

> Isn’t the weather awesome today. It was a ” take our jackets off” kind of day! One of the three year olds was writing in his journal and I heard him say ” Mc Donalds!” I asked him was drawing Md Donalds and he pointed to the M he had made and said ” […]


> Today we had a new princess boat to play with in the water table. For small group today we played Bears on Boats. I took the small counting animals and counted each animal as I put it on my boat ( block ) . Then I told I story about where my boat was […]

Rocket Ship Run

>Today we were back on track to finish out the week with our transportation unit . This morning we talked about rockets. I know the kids are intrigued by rockets because every time they do a painting and are stumped about what it actually is that they drew and I ask- they say ” a […]