Z plane Z plane

> Ok, if you aren’t alteast my age you probably dont even get that joke in the subject line. When I was a little girl I would watch ” Fantasy Island ” and Tatoo would yell ” Z Plane , Z Plane.” Anyway…. Today we started talking about things that travel in the air. Only […]

Calm Down… Calm Down

>Today we revisited our exciting day yesterday. I had planned to go on to planes but we had so much fun yesterday I wanted to continue to draw from it’s energy. We read an emergent reader book called ” I Can Go” . The kids had fun coloring the pages after we read it. ( […]

Teachable Moments

> Today was a PERFECT day. If a preschool teacher hit the jackpot, today would be it ! Let me tell you about my day.. so exciting! We are still talking about transportation and we made these trains this morning in small group . We put all the letter of our name in order. The […]

All Aboard!

> One of the fun games we played today was ” All Aboard!” I had placed numbers on the chairs and the children lined up at the train station and got ” tickets” to get on the train. Once on the train they had to find the right seat that matched their ticket. The kids […]

Who works on a car?

> I am actually starting the post with yesterday’s snack. It was a do it yourself snack ! The kids took a glob of peanut butter and spread it then added a strawberry slice, a banana and a slice of green apple to make a stoplight. The kids loved it ! Today I found my […]


> Today we graphed what kind of transportation we used to get to school. Thankfully it is winter or else I would need to include a bicycle. Rosanna lives close by and sometimes her mom and dad bike her over to school! Graphing is good for comparing and using the terms more and less. Katie […]

What do I need to pack when I travel?

>One of our activities today was looking in a suitcase. First we discovered that the suitcase had WHEELS! We talked about why a suitcase might have wheels and why we would use one. Then, I asked ” what do you think is inside my suitcase?” I got answers like toys and dinosaurs. 🙂 Then I […]

Where do we go on wheels?

> Ahhhh…. Can I just say that today was perfect? PERFECT! The weather cooperated again and both groups of kiddos were able to go outside for their full hour – in one lump! They LOVED it. ! Ms Jodie was helping this afternoon so Randy could take my mom to chemo and she had the […]

What has Wheels?

> We have packed all the Valentines and Chinese New Year things away. In it’s place I have put lots of items so we can explore different modes of transportation. Today in circle time we discussed ” what has wheels?” I was really impressed with the amount of answers I got. I could almost SEE […]

Worker Trucks!

>Today we took a little trip to the park to see trucks that work !   I knew they were doing some work down there and thought it would be perfect for our unit.  The cat followed us all the way down there and back !  We had a lot of fun.  It is amazing […]