Smile and show me your teeth!

> Emeri was looking at our Peter Peter Pumpkin Eaters house this morning and guess what she found ! WOW! Looks like today we will learn some science whether it […]

The sense of touch

> We thought the day was going to be a bust again for our trip to the flower shop. We had a special visitor come in this morning to read. […]

It Look Like Spilt Milk

> Today we did a science experiment ! We took very hot water and put it in a glass. Then we put ice cubes on a metal tray to cover […]

Happy Birthday to me!

> A few nights ago I was bored in Walmart. Rarely am I the one waiting as Randy checks out, but I was. So.. I took his picture in Aisle […]


> I was SO thrilled to look at my lesson plans and see that today we were talking about ” wind.” I dont think we could have had better timing […]


> Today we had a new princess boat to play with in the water table. For small group today we played Bears on Boats. I took the small counting animals […]

Hop on Pop

>I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I am. The pictures of our day are out of order but so are most of […]


> Today we graphed what kind of transportation we used to get to school. Thankfully it is winter or else I would need to include a bicycle. Rosanna lives close […]

We’ve got the blues…

>There’s probably no better way to beat the ” we have to stay inside again” blues than a dance party!Or maybe a train around the room… Today was the first […]

Whew ! When is Spring?

>Today the kids have been a little on the loud side. In all fairness a LOT on the loud side. So…we decided to take a little walk to get the […]