Sniff Sniff

Today was our last day on the five senses. Is one of our benchmarks to know the 5 senses? No. I just use the themes as vehicles to work on […]

Mrs. Wishy Washy

> The kids love the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy. I told them yesterday to expect a special visitor. Little did they know it would be me, disguised as Mrs. […]

Jelly Beans and Hair Cuts

> Today we did some math activities with jelly beans. I had forgotten to get them last night so Williams mom rescued me. Thanks MARY! We estimated and graphed and […]

Posting from my hotel room

> I am in Little Rock . In the morning I have my last meeting with the Arkansas Early Childhood Commission. This commission is appointed by the governor or other […]

Arkansas Children’s Week

> Today is the last day of Arkansas Children’s Week. Since old man winter decided to return again with a wind that could blow an adult over we didnt get […]

Flubber Fun

> Remember the experiment we started yesterday with the ” walking water?” This morning the kids came in to find all the water from the top cups emptied into the […]


> Still trying to immerse ourselves in science today we started out morning out watching an Eagle in her nest with her babies via a live cam. As you can […]

Earth Science

> Today we talked about plants and how they grow. We read a book called ” Greedy Bee” and discussed how bees help the plants. Randy and the kids planted […]


> Children are born with a natural curiousity. They love to find out how things work . Kids will stand at a hamsters cage for extended periods of time just […]

Spring, really ?

> This weather is really aggravating me. I spent the whole weekend outside cleaning and planting flowers . It was 80 degrees and today it is 44 and is dipping […]