April Fools

> This mornings breakfast was yummy ! Ice cream and oranges. In reality it was strawberry muffins in an ice cream cone with cream cheese and orange jello in an […]

Wind Socks !

> I love walking into a room and seeing something like this. Total….. comfort. This is ANOTHER of the MANY reasons I hate worksheets. This is a weekly reader. If […]

Back in town !

> Being on Spring Break might have been a LITTLE more fun had it been warm. Randy , Geneviette and I headed to Kansas City, Mo. Which, by the way […]

Spring Break… not really !

> Today we had 11 kids show up for school out of 16. I was able to spend some quiet time watching the kids play and was really touched by […]

One Potato Two Potato

>What a busy day! Today was my moms birthday so I took the afternoon off to celebrate with my brother while she celebrated on the streets of Heaven. But before […]

Science !

> As soon as the last munchkin left yesterday, Randy and I headed to Fort Smith to enjoy a workshop on science. It was SO good . It also was […]

More Wild Animals

> We’s had another fun day at preschool. Here is Orrin . We learned that an elephant sucks water up his nose and them puts it into his mouth. Practicing […]

Respect your boogers !

> Today we read another story by Julia Cook. This book was called ” I am a Booger Treat me with Respect ” I first heard about this book on […]

I love routines !

> Today has seemed like a very calm day. Maybe it is because we are back into our routines again. I had to wonder if that may be a reason […]

Snowball Fight

> Here’s your Friday Flick. The kids are calling them marshmellows, but they are cotton balls. Whats learning about winter without a good old fashioned snow ball fight. Today we […]