Other Signs of Fall

We have talked a lot about the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. We have also talked about how the wind is starting to get a little more […]

Stop, Drop and Roll

Holy Guacamole !  I don’t think we could have packed any more fun and learning into today if we  tried. First, let me tell you how great you are.   […]

Do You Hear What I Hear

Our morning started off with much movement and vigor.  Pax’s mom, Rochelle , came and did a 20 minute workout with the littles.  She is so engaging and fun I […]

My Hands Can …

Today we focused on our hands.  Before we even made it in the back door this morning we talked about something that can keep us safe when it comes to […]

Grandparents and Gravy

The highlight of our day was the ” Grandparents and Gravy’ event this morning.  It is so much fun to meet the grandparents of our littles.  I know how grandparents […]


Our lesson plan today included graphing our eye colors . We are still focusing on how we are each unique.  And well… I didn’t get a picture of our chart. […]

Cooking Experience Day

Once a week we try to do some type of cooking experience .  Today the curriculum we use had one planned and Dallas said ” what does this have to […]

Hump Day

This has been a very busy week.  It seems there has been schedules and deadlines and visitors all week.  We did have a couple parent visitors this morning .   […]

Do you hear what I hear ?

Today was the day we talk about listening  with our ears. The hardest thing to get preschoolers to understand that is to really listen you have to be quiet.  That […]