Leaves and Math

Today was the day we all brought leaves in.  ( What !!! You forgot ?? Dont worry i have trees and Ive got your back! We sorted them and counted […]

Holy Guacamole ! What a day !

Today hasnt necessarily been bad. Randy had an important task in Springdale this morning at 930 so Dallas and I were on our own.  For some reason  mid morning I […]

Even our skin is unique

Today has been a hectic day. I am not sure why other than we have had a lot of visitors.  We had an observer in the classroom and Kat’s Grandma, […]

Good Gravy !

    This morning we started our day on the playground. What a BEAUTIFUL morning it was for hanging out.  So that I dont confuse you, I  want to point […]

Rainy Day Toys !

Today we had two more new moms come in and play and a DADDY! This is Liz, Joslyn’s mom.  Liz had fun playing playdoh and dressing up in the dramatic […]

Mommy Power !

Wow… today we had mommy power all over this house.  Tiana’s mom Mikkeala is still helping us find our name cards before breakfast  – SUCH a great help. Today was […]

Get To Know You Play Date #2

Today was our second ” get to know you ” play date. I have never had these before but thought with thirteen new ones coming in at one time we […]

Welcome to our New School Year !

Tonight was our first play date / mixer/ get to know you event of the new 2012-2013 school year.  I was so excited to meet our new friends and the […]

Happy 5th of May ( early )

Today we celebrated Cinco DeMayo with Mrs. Jeanette.  Mrs. Jeanette was Mary Burton’s former spanish teacher in high school . She lives in Rogers now and is working on her […]


Parent Teacher conferences this morning starting at 7:30.  Always a fun time to be able to look at the numbers from the Dial Three in the fall and compare them […]