Cooking up Christmas Cake


Welcome Back

I was so glad to be back in school today and the kids were too.   We had a great time catching up with each other and the things that […]

Park day in Anticipation of the Snow Storm of 2013

Normally on Wednesdays ( and Mondays ) we have visitors here doing speech therapy and such but today they called in so we took advantage of the warm weather to […]

Spring Temps in December

Can you believe the weather outside today ? It is like spring. The kiddos are sleeping right now with the windows open and the breeze blowing through.  It feels amazing. […]

Christmas Times A-Comin’

Thanksgiving is over and we are 18 days away from our Preschool Christmas Program.  You know what that means… we get in high gear learning new songs and making little […]

Christmas is in the Air

Today was a busy day as we finished up some projects that we had started .  I did one project that I have held off for a week trying to […]

Run Run as Fast as you can !

This week we are doing a small unit on the Gingerbread Man books before we have our Polar Express Day on Friday.   I say ” books” because there are […]

Who’Ville Eve

Today we practiced our songs and our ” spontaneous dancing on stage ” to get ready for our program tomorrow at 1030.  The thing about preschool programs is that you […]

Its beginning to look a lot like Whoville

Most of our time today we spent getting ready for our program on Saturday. The kids are doing so great. They helped to paint the background of a sign that […]

Celebrating 12/ 12 / 12

I wanted to do something with the kids to celebrate 12/12/ 12 but wasnt sure what.  After Dallas and I talked and brainstormed we came up with doing 12 random […]