A Warm Winter Day

There’s nothing better to soothe the craziness of  Christmas than getting to spend a day outside. We spent the WHOLE DAY OUTSIDE! It was amazing. At first the kids just […]

Mental Health Day

This week has been like a rollercoaster. Not the scary kind of rollercoaster but the kind that you get on and it goes 100MPH and you aren’t sure where the […]

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree !

Some of my best memories hang on my Christmas tree.  Each year we try to add an ornament that represents something BIG that happened during the year.  Example : This […]

Oh Evergreen …

Today our newest friend started to school. He wasn’t really NEW NEW as his big brother Gabe has been coming to school here for months.  This is Jude .  He […]

There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

Today I sat for bits and pieces with children playing at this center.  I wanted to share with you how many different things can be ” taught ” with one […]

Christmas is Coming 2017

Christmas erasers to match, sort, stack , count and pattern become much more fun when they are stored in a tiny cute basket .   I put this together last […]

Just A Little Christmas

  I PLANNED to blog about our loose parts area today but Christmas broke out everywhere .   Children’s brains are wired to automatically do things like this.  With no […]

All Aboard

All aboard the Polar Express ! Today we read the story. Its a bit long and wordy so as a preschool teacher you have to really pull out all the […]

RAK and Presents

Today we walked down to the fire station on Mount Olive to take cookies to our fireman. I explained to the kids how they sacrifice time with families at Christmas […]

Christmas Chain

Who remembers making a Christmas chain as a child ?  I remember doing it every year and it was so much fun. It really takes some thinking to get the […]