Lesson Planning

A lot of people think that in an environment like mine that is child- led there is no plan and there is definitely no lesson planning. But that is far […]

Conscious discipline

Several years ago I started working with a program that helped me learn to regulate as I helped children. Conscious Discipline is an emotional intelligence program where children learn to […]

Red Books

Friday is the day that red books go home. In the past children always got excited about carrying their books with learning stories in them home. Parents are usually pretty […]

Self Portraits

Yesterday we did our first self portrait. We do them at the beginning of each month but I wanted one for the first day. They are displayed in our hallway. […]

New Everywhere We Look

Randy and I literally spent the whole summer with our house in chaos having our rooms repainted and flooring put down. It was a deal. And then our fence was […]

Busier than usual

It’s amazing to me. In quality indicators they teach us to separate our areas – quite centers ( reading , art , etc) should not be placed near loud areas […]

Why Rearrange Now?

The children and I did some rearranging today. We moved the block area down stairs and the tables upstairs. Why move it now ? There are literally 8 school days […]

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills increase through the year as children are given opportunities to develop those muscles. As self awareness increases you begin to see facial features and body parts emerge. […]

Self Esteem

As you know we have conversation cards on our tables. The question today was “ what are you really good at?” Can we just cease making people feel bad about […]

All Kinds of Art

Today we experimented with fluorescent paints and a black light. The children were confused at first because their designs were not showing up as well as they thought on black […]