This is the time of year that I begin looking through our portfolio to make sure everyone has enough for the show as planned. You were you would think with this much art everyone would have plenty. What I find many times is that the boys particularly mean we have art it was encouraged by […]


Josseline did break the tie this morning. It looks like we will continue exploring flowers. I might throw a veggie or two in for good measure. Today we deconstructed flowers. It was interesting to watch the different methods they chose. They were all intentional and gentle. Some found seeds ! Some found pods! Many of […]

Representational Art

Today the Explorers Curriculum suggested that we do a representational drawing of flowers with the children. Thankfully I had some flowers from my birthday leftover and we got busy. I learn so much as I watch children. I watched several of them take their time making intricate lines with colors to represent the flowers and […]

Math Walk

If you remember yesterday we started talking about flowers. We took a walk around the block looking for flowers. We found many different varieties and colors. Today we walked the same route only we carried clip boards and paper. Before leaving home we each decided what color flower we would look for and make tally […]


With flowers sprouting up everywhere they only seem natural that we do a little bit of an investigation. We talked a bit today about what we know about flowers and what we might be curious about. We read a book about a guy named Gus that planted a flower. I asked which would you rather […]

The Root of Family Childcare

The root of family childcare is family. So many times through the day we are like a big Ole’ family. Randy needed help winding a huge long hose. The boys to the rescue. Delta has figured out she can crawl under the fence. We all worked together to solve the problem. There are other things […]

Exploring on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I asked the children if they knew what the earth is this morning and many of them did. Elijah even stated that “ it’s a planet that we live on.” We looked at our globe and figured out where we live and we also look to see where Melanie’s dad is […]

Math Moments

In every classroom, at any time during the day, the potential for a math moment exists. The room is one big learning center where strands of mathematical discovery are continually being woven. Children learn to make sense of their world through every day experiences. To stimulate a math moment, we use a variety of materials […]


Sometimes even I struggle with the way I teach… Am I doing enough? Are they going to be ready? And then I see things like this and take a breath and realize I am going in the right direction . Some people do not believe in a child-led environment. I embrace it more every year. […]


Since Randy has appointments coming up today was just not a day I could takeoff. But I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then with the little guys who make my world go around. It started off with a traditional birthday pancakes. Mine was enormous Next, I opened the present from […]