All The Growth

It thrills me to look around the room this time of year and see the growth Children that sometimes struggled are enjoying our new normal and they are calm , […]

The Chef Is In

Whew! We had a very busy day. We started out by baking a strawberry cake. Not everyone chose to join us and that’s ok! We don’t have to run as […]

Play is Enough

Isn’t this the best ?! This is what kids are missing today. Their world is so saturated with electronics and structured activities we forget the simplicity of childhood. Play is […]

The Basket

We are back! Yay! It has been a fabulous day. We celebrated journeys 5th birthday And read books and played all morning. We even went outside. Once we got in […]

Welcome Back!

We needed to fit it all in today and since it was bitter cold and we didn’t go outside – we almost did. We had our tea party. Avery and […]

When Best Practices Shows Off

Best practice tells us that each child should be represented in our classrooms. I have the typical dark skinned baby dolls and “boy” dress up clothes and other cultural sensitive […]


When children become interested in writing it just happens. Today Lucy drew this very detailed picture of a snowman , her family and snow ( Because that’s what we are […]

If I was a snowflake …

Today has been a calm day. The children played. They were engaged in creative scenarios made up on their own. we couldn’t even tell it was a Monday – more […]

Self Regulation

Busy. Today was so busy. Many centers limit the number of children that can play in any given center. ( play area.) There are a number of reasons “ people” […]

Back in the Saddle

Today was our first day back since December 21. I saw problem solving. I saw struggling little girls handle it and become silly I saw cooperation. I saw creativity. It […]