Snip Snip Snip

There are a lot of ways to introduce scissor skills to this age group. Most of the time we start with Play-Doh. It’s easier for the children to manipulate than […]

Mom’n Ain’t Easy

Lord a mercy – I need a donut and maybe a tiny glass of baileys. 😳. I can’t tell you the last time drop off was like today. Woof. I […]


The first letters a child learns are the letters in his name. Those are the important letters. We usually begin with recognizing the first letter . I can already tell […]

Every child is an artist

Pablo Picasso is famous for saying every child is an artist. And I truly believe that. So let’s talk about art for a moment . In traditional preschools many times […]

Fire 🔥

Once a month our licensing standard requires us to have a fire drill and a tornado drill. Today we did our first fire drill. The smoke alarms go off and […]

Hand washing

Today we focused on how and when we wash our hands. I can let you know here when the important times to wash our hands are: When we come in […]

Lesson Planning

A lot of people think that in an environment like mine that is child- led there is no plan and there is definitely no lesson planning. But that is far […]

Conscious discipline

Several years ago I started working with a program that helped me learn to regulate as I helped children. Conscious Discipline is an emotional intelligence program where children learn to […]

Red Books

Friday is the day that red books go home. In the past children always got excited about carrying their books with learning stories in them home. Parents are usually pretty […]

Self Portraits

Yesterday we did our first self portrait. We do them at the beginning of each month but I wanted one for the first day. They are displayed in our hallway. […]