Teaching What Love Is

Children are born without biases about other people of any race, culture, gender, or disability. We sometimes wonder if we can raise children without prejudices just by leaving well enough alone and making sure not to pass on the negative attitudes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way; societies messages are too pervasive. As parents and […]

Heggerty Update

We started learning a new skill this week so I thought it would be a good time to update what we are learning through our Heggerty phonemic awareness curriculum. We focus on eight skills: we do rhyming, onset fluency, blending, isolating final or medial phonemes , segmenting, adding to and deleting phonemes, and substituting phonemes […]

Being Five is Hard

We have had a tough day. Being five is hard. Being five and a boy is especially hard. At five and six children’s emotions a little bit more tricky to understand. They laugh many times when they are frustrated. Children begin to be more independent and sometimes you hear that in a strong voice. Friendships […]

Science and Valentines

What does science and Valentines have in common ? Not a lot unless you make old school melted crayons First we took two cheap boxes of crayons and peeled all the paper off. That took a while and our fingers got quite a workout. Then we broke them all and laid them in silicone cups. […]

Just Imagine

Today we read a new book that I have a called “Not a Stick.” This book really highlights the imagination that children have. They literally can turn a stick into anything. We even noticed some familiar things in the book. When we went outside of course they found sticks. And they also had the normal […]

Self Portrait

Today we did our February self portraits. I’m always amazed at the progression The first pictures you see are from a boy who will be five in April. The second set of pictures is from a girl who will be four this month . And then I have one pic from a girl that is […]

Six More Weeks of Winter

Today we made smoothies for breakfast. The kids help me decide what needed to go in the blender. We watched a short clip of Punxsutawney Phil to find out that we get six more weeks of winter. Booo. I have joined the thousand hours outside challenge. For a short month and it being so cold […]

Random Acts of Kindness

Tis the season… We started talking about Valentine’s Day today. It’s interesting that most of the kids think Valentine’s Day is for giving gifts. We discussed that Valentines is a great time to show your love to people. What does that look like ? We read a book about being kind. At almost the perfect […]


Today is international puzzle day . Give us a reason to celebrate and we will run full steam ahead. We had puzzles that worked with magnets. We had large floor puzzles. We had puzzles that were just a little too difficult to do. Our day actually started with puzzles. Puzzle pancakes anyone ? We also […]

Responsibility for Preschoolers

You might be surprised to know that every afternoon the play rooms are almost clean to the point of perfection. No I don’t mean by me, I mean as the children play through the day they clean up their messes and then we ring the bell and everyone takes time to put everything back where […]