We try to cook at least once a week. We decided that today would be a good day to start that. The children joined me in the kitchen two or three in a time to make their own pizzas for lunch. They enjoyed it. Studies have proven that if children help prepare food they are […]

Water water …

Between the storm last night and the rain barrel we had pouring going on everywhere today. The more children are allowed to fill and dump outside the more successful they will be inside when they are using real materials . How wonderful will it feel when you hand your child a glass of milk and […]

Monday Monday. I think sometimes Monday gets a bad rap. We really didn’t have a bad day at all. We had a momma drop in to play I’ve really come to believe that with this group of kids a calm , peaceful classroom is our norm. Today with some of the kids I played an […]

Slave Labor

As you know I am the President of the Arkansas Early Childhood Association . In October we have a large conference with educators presenting workshops. Your kiddos are helping me with the presenters “thank you ” gift. Today we started the process. We need a little over 50. Holly and I worked a little harder […]

A Little Water

A little water never hurt anyone. We played inside for a while this morning. We had a visitor that enjoyed seeing how we learn. She saw the tools we use to practice fine motor. Then right in the middle of play one of the kids without promoting showed us how easy it is to learn […]

You Guys

I wish I could explain to you the amazingness of this group this year. They are busy and engaged but calm and helpful. In the past we have had cliques where children’s feelings were hurt and we had to work really hard to make sure everyone felt part of the group. This year they do […]

Fine Motor

Exactly how do we get children ready to write in kindergarten and beyond if we are not using tracing sheets or teaching pencil grip? We offer so many opportunities through the day to promote fine motor development. Today, I just plopped down at the table and before long children were joining me to add to […]

Family Time

Family time is a conscious discipline structure. It’s a lot like circle time in the fact that we are all gathered together but it’s also quite different from circle time in that my purpose is not to teach anything. My purpose is to connect. In order to start family time I turn on music called […]

Preschool Science

Throughout the coming weeks I will introduce you to a different centers and areas that the children play in . As you know we allow children to follow their own interest. Most of our science materials are on top of the cubbies in the playroom. We have a real animal skins, shells, and many tools […]

Drops Not Puddles

The art center is always a buzz of activity. Last week the children mainly just wanted to play with Playdoh . This week they started taking out more of the other materials . I have a gallon of glue and I want the children to feel like they can use it freely but in the […]