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Category: Winter

Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee

Published on August 29, 2016 under Winter
Today we got into our normal routine a little more.  We had lesson plans that did not consist of opening centers , explaining routines  or  teaching how to use learning tools. We have pretty much…
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Self Portraits and Outside Play

Published on August 23, 2016 under Winter
We are still working on learning routines and getting to know each other.  It was wonderful to look around the room today and see some of our littles doing their classroom jobs. Simon is the…
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Week One Success !

Published on August 19, 2016 under Winter
As I blog I think there are two children still wrestling with going to sleep but they are quiet and there was no one upset about laying down .  We only had one that still…
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Children’s Friendships

Published on August 18, 2016 under Winter
This morning we decided to spend a longer period of time outside to make sure your littles were very tired before it was nap time.   There were many things going on  as the children…
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Trike Theatre !

Published on June 7, 2016 under Winter
Trike Theatre !
Today our highlight was heading over to the new library and watching Trike Theatre perform.    The troupe told the story of the Ginger Bread Man ( with a little twist .)  The littles  all…
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Published on June 6, 2016 under Winter
This morning was one of those " my heart is full " times when you just know life is good and what you are doing is making a difference.  As the children came back in…
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Published on May 16, 2016 under Winter
Today we mostly played and enjoyed our materials.  We did art that can grace our walls over the summer  .  We ended our time together with a sing a long on the carpet .  I…
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Winding Down

Published on May 10, 2016 under Winter
What is that called when you are near the end and you can't see it or touch it but you know it is coming and it is coming ever so slowly ?    This week…
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