More Winter Fun

> Our sensory tub was a hit today. The carpet looked like it really did snow. Using tongs to transfer snowflakes. Playing with the arctic animals set. The kids usually love to help clean. I added snowmen to the block center . Matching snowflakes game. In circle time we danced like snowflakes and learned new […]


> The kids LOVE dance parties ! Today we had one and played FREEZE dance. Before this we talked about how water left outside during the winter might FREEZE. This was a lot of fun. New calendars for January are in your cubbies today! There is also a list of ten ways to play in […]

FIrst Day Back

>What a great day for our first day back. Our numbers are a little down today since our school system hasnt went back yet, but we still had a good time. The kids played with some new toys today and some new ” old ” toys. One of the new toys I got is electronic […]


>Today we have explored the world of penguins. We found out that the mommy penguins lay the eggs and the daddys set the eggs on their feet to protect them and keep them warm until they hatch. We found out they are great swimmers and they eat fish! When we made this little art project […]

Wake up bears!

> Ms. Debbie is in Little Rock today so Ms. Beth got to come play! Today we had a lot of fun learning about the way bears hibernate. We learned they sleep for days, and days, and days, and never wake up until it is almost spring. We discussed how they feel when they wake […]

Polar Bear

>Today we read ” Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett. It wasn’t long tonight the book before several of the kids starting saying ” this is like Goldilocks!” And.. it is. After reading the book at lunch we talked about the ways the books were different. Some of the answers we came up with are: […]

Winter starts with W

>WE WERE ABLE TO RUN OUR REGULAR SCHEDULE TODAY WITH ONE HOUR OUTDOOR PLAY FOR EACH GROUP! YAYAYAYYA!~ I can’t tell you how much easier that makes our day. We made WINTER trees today. It have us the opportunity to remember what the trees looked like in the summer when we came to school. Then […]

This is COLD!~

>The “musical ice cube ” game was one of the kids favorite activities today. We sat in a circle and passed an ice cube . When the music was playing ( the song HOT HOT HOT!) we passed the ice. When it stopped that person held the ice cube in their hands. After a while, […]

Back At Last

> Back at Last – I know that is how a lot of you are feeling right now as you enjoy that quiet , peaceful solitude at home ( Well, maybe not Ellen since Anna was not here today! ) I too, am so glad we are back at last. I missed my little buddies […]

Welcome winter

> We started off our day making a little something for the birds. I had cut out the word WELCOME on poster board and the kids help me string it and cover each letter with glue. Then we proceeded to make a yummy welcome sign for the birds that visit our play ground and might […]