Dr Suess and Ducks

We started out the day with a Dr. Suess book since it is his birthday. Please don’t stone me but I may be the only preschool teacher in history that is not a fan of Dr. Suess for three and four year olds.  The book I read today was over 60 pages.  Do you know […]

Rock and Roll Rockstars

Today we talked about rock and roll music.   C anyon’s older brother came over and hooked up his electric guitar and played some rock and roll for us.   He said ”  Im gonna play I love Rock and Roll ” and seemed surprised that all the kids knew most of the words. Did […]

Music Perfomance

The highlight of our day was walking to Southside and listening to a class play their recorders and sing a song for us. They are preparing  to play along with  the entire fourth grade with an orchestra.   The music notes were high up on a screen as the students played. I was very impressed […]

Feeling A Little Jazzy Today !

Today  was our day to explore jazz music .  When the children were eating breakfast we cranked up a few jazz tunes on our Bose.    We listened for a saxophone because later we were expecting a special visitor.   Glendon, Canyons brother came and shared his tenor saxophone with us today.   The children […]

The Mitten

Today we read the story the mitten from an emergent reader.  An emergent reader book helps a child on the path to fluent literacy, before conventional reading and writing skills emerge. Emergent readers  help children demonstrate alphabet knowledge, a concept of what a word is, a sense of story (beginning, middle, end), listening and retelling […]

Park Day !

Today we tore paper .                                       We crumbled it up.                                       And we pretended the pieces of paper were […]

Hot Hot Hot….

One of the songs that we have been singing is called ” Let’s Play in the Snow” talked about going inside and drinking something warm.  I try to have a cooking experience once a week and USUALLY they are on Wednesday. Today we baked cookies ( Ha! The kind already made up in the fridge […]

The weather never cooperates with me

Do you ever feel that way ?  That you plan an indoor activity and it is a beautiful day to be outside.  You plan a picnic or a hike and it rains like cats and dogs. This week we are talking about winter. You would think smack in the middle of January that it would […]

The Mitten

  We had a good day today as we continued to talk about winter. I took out the ” fake snow” for the kids to  play with. It is a mixture you buy from an educational store and add water and WAHH LAHH! We have snow.                   […]

Snowflakes !

Today we had fun talking about snow flakes.  Thankfully we have had a few already this year so the kids knew what I was talking about.  I hope when it snowed really good the last time that you went out and made some snow cream. I think I posted the recipe.  I have great memories […]