Trike Theatre !

Today our highlight was heading over to the new library and watching Trike Theatre perform.    The troupe told the story of the Ginger Bread Man ( with a little twist .)  The littles  all said they enjoyed it and I did too.  We even got to see Ms Dallas there with her crew ! […]


This morning was one of those ” my heart is full ” times when you just know life is good and what you are doing is making a difference.  As the children came back in this morning after three weeks off they were  excited to see me and their friends.   All I could think […]

Today we mostly played and enjoyed our materials.  We did art that can grace our walls over the summer  .  We ended our time together with a sing a long on the carpet .  I took our IPOD and looked at the list it generates called ” Most played ” and we did a few […]

Winding Down

What is that called when you are near the end and you can’t see it or touch it but you know it is coming and it is coming ever so slowly ?    This week has went by so incredibly slow.  As the children have played we have noticed the P3’s  are developing more confidence […]

Kindergarten Games

Sadly the gap between preschool and kindergarten widens each year.  As a teacher passionate about letting children be little while we can I also live in the real world.  How do you get children ready for the big change that is about to happen ?   I asked one of  my mentors ” Am I […]

Mud Wins !

There was excitement outside with the mud hole that was left over from the storm last night .  I want to tell you  all the things  kids learn from playing in a mud hole.  Out of their own mouths from the video you heard ” Let’s see if it sinks or floats!”  That was without […]

Helpful or Hurtful

After breakfast this morning we went outside to beat the rain ( which still hasn’t come ) and played.  We only need a few more materials  outside and all the areas we need to cover and do cover inside would be represented.  On days that are so mild it is difficult to be inside . […]


Today we started unit on birds.   It was a perfect day to start exploring birds  .   We charted what  we know !   Thankfully our morning started off with a little ” bird excitement. ” We found a nest with eggs in a fern on our porch.  The birds next there almost every […]

Thank you Mr Sun

This morning we had breakfast outside.   As we watched the children play and run and discover the minutes rolled into hours and before long we had spent most of our day outside.  Here are some things I noticed .   Canyon and a few others figured out that the mud was a perfect consistency […]