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The Shoe Store

Published on November 5, 2013 under clothing

Yesterday I was went to a meeting in Springdale after school. After getting to Springdale the meeting was cancelled and I was left with turning around and coming home or finding something to do .  I decided to hit a couple thrift store and gather items to change our dramatic play area into a shoe store. The kids loved the grocery store, so I knew the shoe store would be a hit too !  The kids learn all the same things in the shoe store that they learned in the grocery store. The learned things like taking turns, counting and sorting. In the shoe store we add more more element  . We have to match the shoes. Which ones go together ? Which ones are alike ?  This is an important pre-reading skill !   All of the kids enjoyed the shoe store .I had cleats and ” daddy shoes ” and high heels and flats .  The most popular pair of shoes was a little pair of black knee high boots. The girls loved them.























Small group today was a sorting activity.  There were cut outs of clothing items like shoes, hats , shirts and pants. There was also a cut out of a child . We took and cut it in three pieces so not only were we sorting what part of the body the clothing goes on but we learned top, bottom and middle.  We also learned the word torso, another name for the middle section of the body. The only magazines I had to cut my pictures out of this morning was a Cosmopolitan. Randy didnt really know what the magazine was and he ordered it along with others for me. ( I am a magazine junkie . ) So, the clothing the kids sorted was very trendy. 🙂



In circle time today we read ” Pete the Cat’s White Shoes” and we listened to ” The Three Little Kittens.”  Ask your child to show you the sign language for ” purr.”

For a rainy day, I give today a thumbs up !





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