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Published on November 4, 2013 under clothing

Today we started a new Adventures in Learning unit that I have never used before.  It is in the health and safety section and it is titles ” clothing.”  Basically the unit covers why we wear clothing and helping the children discern what clothing is appropriate for what weather.

We started our unit with one of their favorite characters, Pete the Cat. We listened to the story ” Pet the Cat and his Groovy Buttons.”  The kids LOVE Pete the Cat books.























We also talked about uniforms or special clothes that people wear.  We talked about uniforms on athletic fields and at fast food restaurants .  We looked at a picture of other people that wear special clothes like fireman, doctors and construction men.

We had new songs today including one off Mr. Randy and Ms Debbie’s CD called ” New Shoes.” Some of the newer children dont really know that Randy and I have a CD so they were surprised to hear our voice !























Over the next two days in the dramatic play area we are going to try to set up a shoe store.  If you have old shoes that you would like to donate to our cause, please send them.

Also, this would be a great time to mention that if you dress your child you are making them miss out on a very important life skill that they are very able to do.  I know sometimes it is easier to dress your child because you are in a hurry but allowing them to do it themselves will give you more time in the long run. not to mention the self esteem boost they will receive from being able to do it alone .  At this age a child should be able to dress himself including socks and shoes with very little help.


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