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Category: Winter

Conscious Discipline at Christmas

Published on December 22, 2016 under Winter
We are feeling the excitement building about Christmas.  Sometimes littles excitement comes off as nervous energy, more giggling than normal and just a little more chaos in general.  Usually at this time of year there…
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Thanksgiving Feast Prep

Published on November 22, 2016 under Winter
We are STILL prepping for our Thanksgiving  feast.  Yesterday afternoon Randy,G ( our precious grand daughter ) and I went stick hunting.  We roamed the back roads looking for the perfect sticks to complete our…
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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Published on November 9, 2016 under Winter
Today in  small group we read  " If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. "  This is a great book for sequencing but for our littles that is quite a few steps.  We did count…
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Happy Halloween 2016

Published on October 31, 2016 under Winter
We try to keep party days as " normal " as possible and sprinkle in themed activities and festive foods. The costumes were great today.  A few years ago I had a little girl that…
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Mary Poppins Much

Published on October 21, 2016 under Winter
I love being a family child care provider.   It is the BEST job EVER in the history of ever.  I can be Mary Poppins and get paid while I dance in the rain with…
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More Fire Safety Fun

Published on October 4, 2016 under Winter
Could we ask for a more beautiful fall day ? As the wind blew and the leaves fell the meaning of " fall " came to life for the littles.  There is a book called…
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Inside Out

Published on September 30, 2016 under Winter
That is what we were today.  Inside out.  We played inside and outside and sometimes our emotions  were turned inside out.  We had a lot of high emotions today.  We tried putting our finger on…
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Adjusting our Sails

Published on September 27, 2016 under Winter
Yesterday , I ended the day frustrated.  I HATE when I do that.   Nap time was horrendous.   HORRENDOUS  I tell ya ! :)   It is such a small part of our day…
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The Senator Visits

Published on September 7, 2016 under Winter
Today we had a special visitor join  our preschool family . Senator Jim Hendren stopped by to see what we do.  This was Senator Hendren's first visit at Bright Beginnings.  To make him feel welcome…
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