Celebrating Differences

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  I am from the Delta and many people in that area prefer to call this Robert E Lee Day ( it’s his birthday too.) […]


> On days it is raining outside we add a little more gross motor play like this fun jungle toss. Ever feel like there was a monkey on your back […]

Christmas around the world

> Mondays are usually always hectic but it is a GOOD kind of hectic. Lots going on today. It is wonderful to look around the room and see them so […]


> First thing this morning we had a visit from a WITCH! Malea’s mom was dressed up for a function at work . The kids were quiet at first but […]

Chinese New Year

>What a very fun day! If our QA person would have come today , they would have been impressed! The day started out with Anna’s dad, Jason, stopping in to […]

The Tortilla Factory

>Today we had a special visitor . Rosanna’s mother came to school to talk to us about Honduras, her home country. She read us a book called ” The Tortilla […]

China, friends and hearing!

>Today we did friendship paintings. I introduced “Allie” a new puppet with the social and emotional development program I am using right now. We also had a friend with the […]

Flu Shots? Really?

> Today has been eventful. I put out clay this morning for the kids. Modeling clay is a little harder for the kids to manipulate. I heard several of the […]

Another mommy visitor

>Bianca playing with a basket of goodies I put on the table. Each day I add new things for them to ” create ” with. We have an easel and […]

What a beautiful day to begin giving thanks!

>Today has been an beautiful day . The weather is amazing. I love days that surprise us and give the kids more time to enjoy the outdoors before winter arrives.You […]