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Chinese New Year

Published on February 15, 2010 under Art

>What a very fun day! If our QA person would have come today , they would have been impressed! The day started out with Anna’s dad, Jason, stopping in to visit and make origami with the kids. I knew Anna had brought some in before so thought that adding this would be perfect today! The kids loved it. He made cranes, bears and dogs. In between this art, he had several request to make airplanes. Jason was a real trooper and made whatever the kids wanted. He even let them play with his paper and make snowflakes – and hardly flenched when one of the kids kept trying to stick the paper airplane tip into his ear. 🙂 Thanks Jason!

Our lunch today was fried terayaki rice with chicken, brocolli and carrots. The kids were intense as they tried their best to eat with the chopsticks. Many of them did a GREAT job. What I found interesting was two of the children that usually eat very little , ATE A LOT ! Maybe we should try chopsticks everyday! And wasn’t I surprised to look down and find A’s on the table. Always learning… We also had fortune cookies as dessert .

Other things we did today was play in the dress- up room that has had chinese cultural items all month long. Katie looks like a real little girl from China in her costume. We also learned that this year is the ” Year of the Tiger.” Our weekly reader was about Tigers! How PERFECT! Then of course, we had to take out the tiger puppets and costumes .

We practiced our scissor skills by making chinese lanterns. After she was finished Anna said ” it’s just like the lantern in the playroom” and went to find the orange one ! I love it when they connect the dots.

We also read a story called ” A Tiger Came to Dinner ” and one about a red dragon.

Good times today… good times…
( On a side note – I told the kids this story. On December 31 9 years ago in Greenville Mississippi Randy and I were celebrating the New Years at a Chinese Restaurant. They were having karaoke. Randy went up to sing a song for me. As he started singing the waitress brought me a fortune cookie. I said thanks and she asked me to go ahead and open it. I did. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring and Randy asked me to marry him. Now, every time I open a fortune cookie I think of that night. The kids commented that they had NEVER opened a cookie and found a ring. 🙂


  1. Michelle

    Looks like your Valentine Creating Center was a huge hit!! Great Photos!!! I love watching them do their work… it is so important!!! I look forward to seeing your Mommy-n-Me post, something I have been wanting to try, but haven't yet gotten the confidence to do 🙂

  2. Linda

    Hey Ms. Debbie, I've been so busy and stressed with this cold, wet weather, I've not even been visiting you..I'm sorry. Looks like you are having fun, I too love looking at the expressions on the faces of the children, serious and fun! I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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