Write Before Your Child’s Eyes

Children learn about writing by observing people who already know how and by participating with those people in simple writing experiences. Parents and older siblings serve as models for children, showing what writers do. Kids are more likely to want to communicate in writing if they grow up in a home where they often see […]


Dabbling – intransitive verb. 1 : to work or involve oneself superficially or intermittently especially in a secondary activity or interest dabbles in art. 2a : to paddle, splash, or play in or as if in water. b : to reach with the bill to the bottom of shallow water in order to obtain food. […]

What Did You Do At School Today ?

It is difficult for young children to recall and describe what they did during the day. Children are active and busy for the entire time, but they sometimes lack the words to tell others about their activities – or by the time you pick them up they have moved on to other things. Parents, of […]

Learning Stories

I knew that this year I wanted to add an extra layer of communication for parents. It does seem that I have better conversations in the morning then I did pre-Covid. The best part of my day is walking outside and seeing children hanging out sunroofs yelling at each other excited to start the day […]

Rainy Days

I think we are all beginning to feel a little like Noah. We have been in the house all week nonstop. In spite of it all the children are doing pretty good. I’m a little more lenient on their housekeeping as they play because I realize they’re just letting from one thing to another with […]

Snakes and Jack-o-lanterns

I knew today would be another inside day so I planned a few group activities to break the monotony of the day up. Our first group activity was playing with gummy snakes. I encouraged the littles to make letters with them. Many of them made their name. Afterwards of course they ate some snakes ( […]

Spider Math

Today we made a spider web and then turned it into a math game All of the kids could count the dots on the dice correctly but several struggled with finding the correct number on the game board. We do a lot of one to one correspondence activities but not a lot of numeral recognition. […]

Monday Rain

The kids came in today ready to rumble. Being inside all day is unfortunate but we made the best of it. We started our day celebrating Hinslee turning four. That means more pancakes with Cool Whip and sprinkles. Yay! We read a new book and the children really enjoyed it. It’s about a pumpkin. It […]

Catapult Capers

The kids were a little antsy today so we came outside very early. Within minutes the boys started building a boat. On this boat they added a catapult . They spent a lot of time putting cars on the end and jumping to watch them fly high in the air. It was it was entertaining […]

What’s That Big Round Thing

Music happens here every day. The variety sometimes is amazing. Today Mr. Randy brought out something for us to see. We guessed what we thought it might be Some people said cd, some people sell DVD, and even some people said a radio. It’s interesting to me that they knew sound came from it. When […]