Colors can be complicated

A color unit might seem very basic and not needed. You might think that especially for children that are in their second year of preschool. We have taught children colors since the day they were born. We tell them to pick up the blue ball or go stand next to the pink flower. When they […]

Asking The Right Questions

When working with children much of my time is spent just watching and listening . Sometimes I ask questions but I try to be careful about what I ask and how I ask it . Asking simple questions that require a “yes” or “no” do not encourage language or conversation. Asking questions I already know […]

Hello Fri-yay!

For some kiddos Monday is hard after a long weekend. For other kiddos Friday is hard because they’re exhausted from keeping up the schedule. I get it. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and could not go back to sleep. I’m struggling with being a little cranky myself.🤣 I’m sure you guys all know […]

Dots and Letters

You all know that I don’t directly teach letters or letter sounds. But I do activities all the time that involve the alphabet. Today as I’m still introducing materials we used dot markers. It only seemed natural to teach them the skill of using markers by making dots on the letter of their first name. […]

Digging Deeper

Some days are just more hectic than others. I think sometimes the state that you greet your day with is where you reside for a while. That holds true for children and adults. Here’s a funny for your day. Randy was ready for breakfast this morning. Homemade muffins on plates with milk and apple sitting […]


One really fabulous thing that has happened during Covid is our drop off procedure. Every year we start with great intentions to do greetings with children as soon as they come in but many times our attention is elsewhere in the room with children that are already present. When parents are with the children sometimes […]


I’m not a huge fan of theme based curriculums. I think it’s much better for the children if we observe to see what they are interested in and cater what they need to learn to that . Early in the year it’s hard to find something that you can run a project on. The children […]

The Dirt Pit

Today was the first day that we spent the entire day outside. We only had one child asked “when are we going in?” but she didn’t seem sad to be outside and the weather was perfect- so we stayed. Giving children long periods of unstructured play time without teacher direction is important. Allowing children to […]

Splash Splash Pad

Today we talked about being safe. We had a fire drill and explored the storm shelter. We even turned off all the lights in there and talked about how the shelter will keep us safe. We went to the splash pad and fun was had. They actually grew a little tired before 1130 so we […]

Day 2 Wrap Up

Today was another really great day. We came inside first to have breakfast. I think coming inside once in a while after drop off will be helpful when we do have a bad weather day. It won’t throw them off. Not to mention, it’s a little difficult to have cereal on the porch. Today we […]