Maybe I didnt need THIS much WIND

For some reason I have thought today was Friday all day. Maybe because it is MY Friday ?  Maybe because this week has been so hectic I am crazy ? […]

Kites Flying in the Wind

I was a little nervous going into today knowing it would be just Randy and I ( like the old days ) but we did great !  The kids were […]

The Wind

Do you guys like how I ordered WIND to start off our weekly unit on WIND and it happened !??? AMAZING ! I dont think there has ever been a […]

Fly Away Kites

> The girls are working on making kites. As they were making them they asked could they take them outside . SURE! But they wont fly. Then.. why are we […]

Wind Socks !

> I love walking into a room and seeing something like this. Total….. comfort. This is ANOTHER of the MANY reasons I hate worksheets. This is a weekly reader. If […]