Pre- Thanksgiving Day

  You know its a good day when children just plop everywhere and grab a book and ask you to read it. And then two brothers celebrate turning 5.  These […]

Father Christmas

Today I felt like I was kind of in an episode where the ghosts of Christma’s past visit me.. only it was preschoolers of the past.  We had two 8th […]


Finally we have ” eaten ” all the leftover turkey material .  I think we are ready to move on. Today we charted what we have learned about Thanksgiving. We […]

Mayflower ? Sunflower?

Today I asked did they remember what the name of the boat the pilgrims rode to America was called . The sunflower ? The flower ? Close . It starts […]

Conscious Discipline Super Stars

There are many days that at the end of the day I think ” YES!  Today was a great day. ”  Today ranks pretty high in my book .   […]

Post Thanksgiving

Most of you know that I have gradually become more natural, hippified, simplistic , reggio – inspired , child centered, …. there are so many adjectives that could explain or […]

Turkey in the Straw

Today was spent much in preparation for our preschool family thanksgiving feast . We did read several books about Thanksgiving today.   We heard new words like Mayflower, feast , […]

Turkeys Everywhere

Today we had a ” job shadower ” visit us. She arrived early in the morning and is staying until the end of the day. At one point she told […]

Turkeys here. Turkeys there.

Today we made a special Thanksgiving craft.  Not art… there was no individualism involved here but it will be a keepsake. They are drying and I will send them home […]

Pumpkin Pie

The weather is dreary outside today. We did get a little outside time in this morning before the rain hit us but not much. In circle time we talked about […]