Rained out on Earth Day

We had an exciting field trip planned today to the park to pick up trash to celebrate earth day . After working hard Mia’s grandmother was going to treat us […]

It’s Raining It’s Pouring

What do you do when you plan a rain unit the week AFTER all the rain ?  YOU MAKE IT RAIN !!                 […]

The Foot Book and Ten Apples Up On Top

Today we read ” The Foot Book” .  After reading the book we colored a foot and cut it out.  Most of our friends are cutting pretty well.  Your child’s […]

I Can Move

>Grrr.. I have been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to find the pictures I took today. See, I have a brilliant son who has been in town . Addam […]

I Have An AMAZING Body

> Today was our Monday. As expected, some of the kids came in a little clingy, but after a three day weekend early in a new school year that was […]

Almost Turkey Day!

> You know normally the children are divided into two groups and they each go out for an hour at a time . While one group is out the other […]