Dial 3 Assessments

Each year within 45 days of enrollment I an required  to do a developmental assessment.  The Dial 3 is my tool.  We look at motor skills, language and concepts.  I […]

Puppies and Presidents

We had a special visitor today .  It’s always great to have visitors but when it is a former little it is  extra special.  ( Side note… its very humbling […]

Bubble Blowing Bonanza !

Today was our Bubble Blowing Bonanza. Each child was met at the gate with  a bubble tube and a smile.  That smile was certainly helped along by the Sonic cup […]

The Grand Opening

One of the pictures is a little blurry but we will let that represent  excitement.  The children were excited . We were excited ! Dallas and I were talking about […]

The New Library

We had two very exciting things happen today . We walked to the library to see the ribbon cut and we explored a fish… a real fish.

Hey Diddle Diddle

It has been a chilly wet day today and we have enjoyed playing inside.  Days like this give me the opportunity to do some observing to see what changes we […]

A Humbled Teachers Heart

Last night following the Family Fall Walk to the creek Randy and I travelled to Jacksonville Arkansas for a KIDDOS concert.  Yes, in addition to preschool teachers we are children’s […]

QA Review is complete

Today Marcy came – finally !  I thought she was late until she reminded me that we have a 90 day window now and not a  6 week window.  I […]

Do we need this or want it ?

Today has been a much better day than yesterday.    For the most part we have all been on track.  I had a couple testing the waters a little but […]

Good Bye Leprechaun’s

> In T-minus 2 hours we will officially be on SPRING BREAK. I still have no idea what Randy and I are doing or where we are going, but we […]