What Does Lucky Mean ?

What does lucky mean anyway? We talk about a leprechaun being lucky and the word lucky itself is spread around this holiday like sugar on a kids cereal.  I asked the kids what lucky means.  Pretty much the answer I got was ” rich” or ” surprise.” We looked up synonyms of lucky and they […]

St Patricks Day 2017

Our day started off with a little mischief as the littles noticed things that rascally leprechaun did last night in their rooms.  He changed some of the cubbies around !      While the Leprechaun gold was being safely tucked away  Mr Randy told a story.    Our first stop was the Library.  I guess […]

More Leprechaun Fun

Today we did a little science experiment.  What will happen to the yellow and blue liquid ? We played a little St. Patricks Day BINGO . Games don’t need to be academic to be educational  .   In other words, I don’t have to play a BINGO game that features letters or numbers for the […]

If I found a pot of gold….

Today has been a busy day.  Please excuse my ” not so wonderful ” renditions of the potatoes.  🙂  An artist I am not.  Throughout the week we are talking about ” What is St Patricks Day ?  ” and “Where is Ireland ?” and ” What do we know about Ireland?”   In all […]

Tired Littles

The time change can wreak havoc on our little ones that are so accustomed to a set schedule. If they are like me , I headed to bed at 10 pm as I usually do last night and I tossed and turned until I feel asleep exhausted.  The alarms on our bed were like a […]

We Found The Gold !

What a busy hectic wonderful day at Bright Beginnings .    The thing about high excitement days are they are high in  emotions.  It can be exhausting helping children navigate all the feelings that come their way on a day like today. They are excited !!  Candy ! Leprechauns  !          Leprechauns […]

Potatoes !

  We had a USDA inspection to end our morning. It went well. 🙂

Spring is here !

Today is the first day of spring.  We ” somewhat ” celebrated by starting a science / art  PROJECT.  PROJECT– the dreaded word.  We are making grass heads and started them today.                                           Our color […]

More Shenanigans

Today was another fun day in preschool. We started a color mixing activity .  Lets see what happens when the blue water in one cup and the yellow water in the other cup soak  up the paper towels  and down to the  middle cup ?                     […]