Rainy Day Toys

> Rainy days for many programs means MOVIE TIME! Not for us ! In a quality program we are required to have ATLEAST one hour gross motor play . If […]


> Today we graphed what kind of transportation we used to get to school. Thankfully it is winter or else I would need to include a bicycle. Rosanna lives close […]

What’s a Groundhog?

> Today has been a very busy day. The phone seemed to ring more than usual but we plowed on through our routines! Today I put out the valentines activities […]

Singin’ in the rain

>Today was full of excitement… I purchased that materials to make the tie-dyed shirts and we made them this morning during free-choice center time. The kids really got to do […]

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

>Who says rainy days can’t be fun? We had so much fun playing inside today! This morning during free choice centers, we had alot of dramatic play going on. We […]

Rain, rain, stay away!

>It is not often that we get the best of both worlds, but today we got rain AND outside playtime! We headed out early to try to beat the rain, […]

Clean Mud

> Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for playing outside. I LOVE the way the trees cover the play yard like a tent . It is so peaceful. Randy added a […]


>Today was a busy day! Whew! Nothing too special, just alot going on it seemed. Some of the children finished creating the ducks we started yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Debbie has […]