FCCRS Review in !

I heard my email DING on my phone this morning and saw it was from ASU. ¬†Immediately I grabbed my lap top knowing that I was seconds away from finding […]

Back on Track

> We all seem to be back on schedule today… and that is an awesome thing! We started an experiment today. We put these white carnations in water with food […]


> Once a year we have reviewers come in to make sure we are providing a quality learning environment for our children. We usually do fairly well. They are unannounced. […]

Animals in the Woods

> The kids have been out for a few days for snow and icy roads. They were excited to get back today. Who’s idea was it to bring in the […]

Rainy Day Toys

> Rainy days for many programs means MOVIE TIME! Not for us ! In a quality program we are required to have ATLEAST one hour gross motor play . If […]

Spring Friday!

> This is a flower tinker type toy that I forgot I had. Kids learn whether you want them to or not. Can you see the automatic sorting going on? […]

We’ve got the blues…

>There’s probably no better way to beat the ” we have to stay inside again” blues than a dance party!Or maybe a train around the room… Today was the first […]