No Problem Man

Today we visited Jamaica using our imaginations and the pictures and artifacts that Randy and I brought back from our trip.   The kids loved the wooden head. Jamiaca is […]

Finished Faces

Today was a good day.  I love it when I can look around and hear  the hum of children playing.  Sometimes you can almost feel it… like a heart beat. […]

Last Day

> The last day and we get to add one more visiting animal to our list of pets brought in by the kids. Kimber and his mommy found this turtle […]

Green !

> Today we were all about green. I had intended to show them color mixing but with five kids out I decided to wait until tomorrow so the missing kiddos […]


> On days it is raining outside we add a little more gross motor play like this fun jungle toss. Ever feel like there was a monkey on your back […]

More Wild Animals

> We’s had another fun day at preschool. Here is Orrin . We learned that an elephant sucks water up his nose and them puts it into his mouth. Practicing […]

Its the KIDDOS!

> Most of you know that Randy and I travel doing children’s music. We don’t do many during the school year so we havent done a concert since September. We […]

Want to cluck a little ?

> Some pictures from yesterday when I was being a whine bag and didnt post. 🙂 Cutting lanterns is a great fine motor activity and great for teaching how important […]

Books and Rhythm Sticks

> From the block center this morning I heard ” Look Mia we made a community !” Sure enough, I look over there and this is what I see. The […]

The itsy Bitsy Spider

> Lots of ” crafting ” going on in the art center today. Still continuing our “bugs” discussions today we talked about SPIDERS ! Whoops ! Then we had an […]