Its a Jungle Out There

Today we started a new unit – JUNGLE ANIMALS  ! We started our day by making a list of things we already know about the jungle. One our littles answered […]

The Zebra has Stripes

Today our circle time book was about zebras so we spent our day looking for patterns.  In small groups Ms Dallas played a patterning game.   The kids have been […]

Just Hanging Out With the Gorilla

As I watched the kids play outside around noon today I had a blog rolling through my head.  There are toys and loose parts all over our play ground.  Yesterday […]

Positional Words

We spent a lot of time today reading and playing games that involved positional words like beyond, behind and on top of.  First we read a book called ” Elephants […]

Its a Jungle in Here !

Today we started our jungle unit. We sorted cards that started with the letter L like lion and lollipop.  We listened for the L sound and how it felt in […]

Jungle Fever

  Today’s exciting new was CHICKEN NUGGETS !   For the first time this year we served chicken nuggets.  Yeah.. you didnt see the picture on facebook.  It’s not really […]

From Head to Toe

I am back at work today !!! Yay!  I am still not 100% but I have stayed with the kids all day and even went outside !   It has […]

Snakes alive !

I am STILL SICK today !  I really thought I was going to make it to work today but after getting out of the shower and breaking down crying Randy […]

Wowzers ! We have been busy today !

What a busy fun day we have had today.  It is five minutes to one and we are just now laid down for rest time.  Why so late you ask […]

Tigers Have Stripes

Today we made cute little tigers .  Talking about stripes is a good way to practice patterning skills.  ABABABABAB  or orange black orange black orange black….         […]