Yellow and Red Make….

Though we only had yellow and red available in the paint area today and many children painted they still did not stumble across the color mixing magic that I hoped […]

F is for Fire

We had two special activities outside today . Fireman have to exercise to keep in shape.   The kids used an obstacle course to practice strength , coordination and agility. […]

Parent Teacher Conferences

There has been a lot of research put into what affect parent / teacher partnerships have on school success.  The primary purposes of our parent conference in the fall is […]

Stop, Drop and Roll

Holy Guacamole !  I don’t think we could have packed any more fun and learning into today if we  tried. First, let me tell you how great you are.   […]

Curious George Goes to the Hospital

Our morning started with Ms Gabby coming to read ” Curious George Goes to the Hospital.”  She read  the book in spanish and then explained in english what was happening […]

The Fire Truck Visit !

In honor of a very busy day – heres the majority of our excitement today . All else paled in comparison.  The fire fighters were wonderful. We had a whole […]

The Police Visit

Early this morning one of our friends drew an amazing picture of her mom at the paint easel .   I posted it on facebook for all our friends to […]

More Fire Safety

A cooking experience with nutella ? You bet !  STOP LIGHTS                                       […]

More Fire Fun

Today we had more fire fun as we played with pretend cell phones and dialed 911 when we thought it was an emergency.  Its amazing what kids deem an emergency […]

People Who Keep us Safe

What a very busy hectic day.  Many Mondays are.  We did a lot and still have one more thing on the lesson plan that we didnt get to. We  will […]