Feelings – We all have them !

Today we started talking about our emotions .  Children sometimes aren’t even aware of ” how” they are feeling.  They just seemed overwhelmed.   As we talk about and discuss […]

Feelings and Emotions

Today we wrapping up our feelings and emotions unit.  We have done a lot of labeling feelings this week. We played a matching game. First we looked at the kids […]

What makes you happy ? Or Sad ? Or Mad ?

What makes you happy or sad or angry ?   Maybe you have seen my facebook post about the game we played today.  As I got the pieces together I […]

Hump Day

This has been a very busy week.  It seems there has been schedules and deadlines and visitors all week.  We did have a couple parent visitors this morning .   […]

Feelings and Emotions

Today we started a unit on feelings and emotions.  Kids dont always know what they are feeling so they cry or lash out by hitting.   Our job is to […]

Matching Skin Tones

I  had scheduled to go back and do a winter wrap up but I was so intrigued by the kids responses to introducing  Martin Luther King  Jr.that I decided to […]


> We all get bit by it ever once in a while dont we ? The angry monster comes up and bites us on the hiney and we start to […]

Not even a mouse…

> Our first nap time of this year just started and so far so good…. We have had no screamers or runners. As the norm we started the ” I […]