Today is Tuesday Friday

Maybe because my day yesterday was so long and I was so tired the morning seemed to drag by.  It wasn’t bad. It just took forever and a day to […]

Just A Little Christmas

  I PLANNED to blog about our loose parts area today but Christmas broke out everywhere .   Children’s brains are wired to automatically do things like this.  With no […]

Families Grow

Today we had a very special and very beautiful  tiny visitor.  Vallie’s mom brought her new baby sister , Hinslee , over to visit us.  We talked about babies and […]


Did you ever have a day that just kept going and going and going and going ? This was my day today but Randy will tell you that I love […]

I Can Help My Family

Today was one of those days as a preschool teacher that you look around and listen and go ‘ Ahhh.. This is how it should go. ”   We had […]

What is Family ?

What is family ?   Family looks many different ways . Some families are large and always together. Some families are small.  Some families don’t have a dad or a […]

Bubble Blowing Bonanza !

Today was our Bubble Blowing Bonanza. Each child was met at the gate with  a bubble tube and a smile.  That smile was certainly helped along by the Sonic cup […]

Pizza Pizza !

The highlight  of our day was Mary and Gary ( Williams parents ) coming to fix one of their quick family favorite snacks with the kids !  They spread pizza […]

Show and Tell

Today was show and tell .  Have I ever told you how much I dislike show and tell ? Is is so hard for this many kiddos to sit and […]

Book Making

Today we drew pictures of our family and then made a book out of them.  Each page says _________  has _______ people in  ______ family.   After drawing their pictures […]