Dramatic Learners

It’s no secret that we have had a rough few days .  Let’s blame it on all the crazy weather changes !  I won’t say it has been unbearable but […]


From the Learning is Fun Website  : Seriation Skills Seriation Skills can be defined as “the ability to arrange objects in order by size”. The development of seriation skills is […]

The Bears Are Back

Today we are still using bears to work on our foundation skills  . Today we used a bear hunt game to practice our counting and one to one correlation skills. […]

Gummy Bears

These are not finished yet. Can you pick out your child ?   It was a good day.   If you didn’t get a chance to read an article I […]

Busy Bears

It was a good day today.   The bears were busy.

Brown Bear , Blue Horse, Purple Cat

Today we started our unit on bears.  This week we will use bears to practice counting and literacy. We will use bears to review colors and the alphabet. We will […]

Sorting Bears

Today I was a rebel and we sorted gummy bears.  Yes, they have sugar and artificial food dyes.  YIKES. But the kids loved it and we were able to review […]

Hungry Bears

Today was the day of another one of Dallas’ observations for her CDA that she is getting.  It went well !  See, this lady? She walks everywhere the Dallas walks, […]

Going on a Bear Hunt (tap legs in walking rhythm) Gonna catch a big one I’m not afraid What’s that up ahead? (shade eyes) Oh no! Tall grass Can’t go over […]