B is for Baby and Body and….

This week we are still on the unit ” All about me.”  Today Mrs. Dallas played a  table game ” Heads , Shoulders , Knees and Toes” with the kids While Angie, Julia’s mom was busy in the art center making crowns on demand !   Angie is a stay at home mom but loves […]

I used to be a baby too!

              Today many of the kids brought their baby pictures to share.  We talked about the fact that everyone starts out as a baby.  I used to be a baby and even Randy used to be a baby.  We were also able to explore the thought some mom’s have […]

Do you SEE what I see ?

> Did you know we have a treasure chest ? It is a decorated chest that we let the children get in when they do something special or their behavior is extraordinarily good. Today they ALL got in the chest for the first time. Ask your child why ! Orrin got glasses out of the […]