Another Mommy Visitor!

>Today we had another mommy visitor. The kids loved having Katie’s mom come play. I am always happy to have moms plan to play, it gives them a good idea […]

Another Blessed Day

>Today was another blessed day that we got to go outside. I even raised the windows a little so that any germs that were hiding in here HOPEFULLY flew out […]

Sweet Sweet Kids

>Every day that I think I can’t enjoy my job more than I already do , I get reminded. This is the best bunch of kids we have ever had. […]

5 Days Until Halloween

>Count downs to exciting holidays are a great way to get kids involved in simple math activities. Show them the calendar and point to each day as you count. Pumpkin […]

Finally Friday

>Not a lot to blog about today. It is much colder outside. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately. We will go outside unless there is something falling from the […]


>Rosanna’s mother picked her up yesterday and heard her talking to Randy and was quite surprised at her English. Rosanna is conversational all day now and I take it for […]

Field Trip Rained Out

> These tiny halloween tubs are great for sorting and counting . Sometimes, they are used to other things too! This is our shape scarecrow from yesterday. These are pictures […]

F – fall and fireman

>Today and yesterday are what I remember fall feeling like when I was a little girl. Yes.. I can remember back that far. 🙂 Some of the new experiences I […]

Late Blog

>Please forgive me for being so late – I have a few too many irons in the fire this week. The highlight of our day was the beautiful outside play […]