A new President!

> I was out yesterday in a meeting. Going to meetings can’t be all that bad . I won a door prize! It is an MP3 player that is in a stuffed bear for the kids. BUT, while I was meeting – the kids had a great day and they got to watch our new […]

The Hat

>The rest of this week we are doing a ‘study” of Jan Brett books.The one we did today is called ” The Hat” It is a funny story about a little girl that is getting ready for winter and takes out all her ” woolens” to hang them on the line. We had a little […]

Half Day

>No, we aren’t getting out half a day today but only HALF our kiddos are here!   I guess many decided to stay home and celebrate MLK day with the families.    As you know, we opted to not take as many days off as the school so we can be off by May 15th […]

rabbits need fur

>Today we continued to talk about how COLD it is outside and what that means for animals. The kids did a cute little craft of a white bunny . They pulled cotton to cover it. The bunny’s fur not only keeps him warm in the winter but it helps him hide from larger animals that […]

Randy is back

>Randy is back.  While he was gone  I got in two new puppets that we ordered .This one is his. The kids were mesmerized.     The loved it!  Randy is excellent with the puppets!

Too Cold for Outdoor Learning!

>Today the wind chill was 1 degrees. It was too cold to go outside. Some of the fun things we did inside were: We read Polar Bear Polar Bear, What do you hear? After reading that we made polar bear puppets. The children practiced their cutting skills and then we used the bears to practice […]

Randy is gone.

>Ok, if that scared you a little, he is only gone for today and tomorrow. He is doing worksampling training in Little Rock. Worksampling is learning better ways to take observation notes on the kids and enter them in the computer for assessment. He called and talked to the kids on speaker phone. The loved […]

Lets go to the park!

>We had a fun day today. Since the weather was still warm we decided to treat the kids with an impromptu trip to the park. They had a blast ! We played duck , duck , goose. It is funny. Not all the kids really understand how to play. The run the wrong direction and […]

Thank you Lord

>I NEEEEDDDDED for today to be exactly the way it was. The holidays were so stressful that I needed to have my ROUTINE back. When it is VERY cold outside, our schedule is modified. That means, more time that all 16 children are together instead of small groups. Today is beautiful outside so we stayed […]