Did the kids tell you we finished our purple book? it is 35 weeks of daily phonemic awareness practice. It’s the only time during the day that I do rote teaching. I will tell you that I do it with clenched teeth. But it’s five minutes… And no one dies so we continue. I started […]

Hooray for Diffendoofer

If you’ve been with me anytime and you know me well you know how passionate I am about honoring the stage of development children are in and not pushing them academically . I am a seasoned teacher and I teach these things to other teachers over and over again. I know that children do not […]

Where The Wild Things Are

Here !! They are all here. That was my favorite book in grade school. I remember watching it on microfilm in the library. I was reminded today when the children were so wild. 😳. This is nothing new. Every year the last few weeks of school are a little ramped up. Everything is louder and […]

Self portraits

We have done our last self portrait of the year. It’s always amazing to me how much progress is shown through this simple activity. Children go through stages of drawing just like any other stages of development . Typically, children begin drawing self-portraits with scribbled lines before progressing to rounder more circular shapes. By the […]

Mexican Food and Moms

Today we did our last self portrait and planted a surprise for the moms. We walked to the Taqueria to honor the families we have that celebrate the Mexican culture. We enjoyed a wonderful feast of quesadillas, rice and beans. Of course we had chips, salsa and cheese dip. We only had a few double […]

Mother’s Day

Y’all know I’m not much on cutesy crafty stuff but we are working on Mother’s Day gifts Listening to your children answer things like “ when is your mom beautiful?” melts my heart. Or what is your favorite thing your mom cooks? And then there’s the art work. I hope you like it

Boxes Are Big

Today we continued to look at flowers and what we might still learn. I added some loose parts for the children to make their own artistic flowers. It’s so interesting to me that children always sort before the play with loose parts. Someone should do a study on that. If our brains are automatically wired […]


This is the time of year that I begin looking through our portfolio to make sure everyone has enough for the show as planned. You were you would think with this much art everyone would have plenty. What I find many times is that the boys particularly mean we have art it was encouraged by […]


Josseline did break the tie this morning. It looks like we will continue exploring flowers. I might throw a veggie or two in for good measure. Today we deconstructed flowers. It was interesting to watch the different methods they chose. They were all intentional and gentle. Some found seeds ! Some found pods! Many of […]

Representational Art

Today the Explorers Curriculum suggested that we do a representational drawing of flowers with the children. Thankfully I had some flowers from my birthday leftover and we got busy. I learn so much as I watch children. I watched several of them take their time making intricate lines with colors to represent the flowers and […]