>Today we reviewed what we have learned this week about ” people that keep us safe.” We talked about Stop , Drop and Roll, Stay Low and Go, how to […]

Emergency ! Emergency !

> It is hard to explain to kids why rolling on the ground helps put out the fire if they ever catch on fire. So, today we did this little […]

Busy Day

> Today has been a busy day. I wanted to show you some of the new activities we have available. Last year, we ate breakfast 8 at a time and […]

Monday Monday…

>Today has been a hectic day. I know the parents noticed the VOLUME level in our room today was UP LOUD! Wow… very loud. The whole day has been like […]

The sense of touch

> We thought the day was going to be a bust again for our trip to the flower shop. We had a special visitor come in this morning to read. […]

First Field Trip of 2010-2011

> Before I give a run – down of today, let me back up to Friday to say ” Hello ” to a couple more grandparents that stopped by on […]

Grandparents Day

>What a fun day today was ! I think this was one of my favorites we have planned in years. This will become a tradition! For breakfast and lunch we […]

I Can Move

>Grrr.. I have been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to find the pictures I took today. See, I have a brilliant son who has been in town . Addam […]

inch by Inch

> Our day started off so peaceful. Little moments like the one below. We made pretend chocolate chip cookies. We rode an imaginary train ! We also made a book […]

Leprechaun Hunt

> Today was SO much fun . I am Tired.. but so pumped at the same time. As the children came in they were invited to the kitchen to make […]