Families and Thanksgiving

> Today we started talking about families and the approaching holidays. The kids always love it when I change out units. They find many new things to interact with . […]

# 2 We’ll get you !

> The kids have been admiring our number 2 pinata all week. Today we filled it with candy ( tricky way to get the rest of that Halloween candy out […]

Let’s go to the library !

> Our morning started off with a wonderful surprise as Audrey’s mom brought in her new baby brother that was born on Monday ! She was SO proud. After making […]

Milk does the body good

>Today we are finishing up our small health unit. We talked about milk and how it makes our teeth and bones strong. The kiddos in our program get milk ATLEAST […]

All things that creep , crawl and fly

> Happy Monday! I love when I change out units and the children are so involved in exploring all the new things ! About half way through the morning Randy […]

Power Words and the book ” Water”

> One of the activities we did today was from the book called ” Water” by Frank Asch . The books talks about the many places we find water – […]

Once upon a rainbow

> Somewhere, over the rainbow…. After the kiddos finished up their leprechaun pictures from yesterday, we started a collaborative rainbow project ! It was during free choice time so there […]

Who works on a car?

> I am actually starting the post with yesterday’s snack. It was a do it yourself snack ! The kids took a glob of peanut butter and spread it then […]

Monday Monday…

> Mr Randy is known for encouraging the children to try new foods. Today he had a bell pepper. After the kids tried it he wrote on the board who […]

Turkey Talk

> Today in circle time I told the kids the story of Tom the Turkey with a Terrible Temper. The kids LOVED that I used the flannel board with it. […]