Busy Day

> Today has been a busy day. I wanted to show you some of the new activities we have available. Last year, we ate breakfast 8 at a time and […]

Monday Monday…

>Today has been a hectic day. I know the parents noticed the VOLUME level in our room today was UP LOUD! Wow… very loud. The whole day has been like […]

Whoa is me Wednesday !

> JUST KIDDING! We have had a great day! We continued to talk about feelings and emotions today. We read the book again called ” When Sophie gets angry, really […]

Library Story Time

>Today has been a day.. 🙂 You can see from the pictures that we visited the library and the park. Last year we did not visit the library during story […]

Another Mommy Visitor!

>Today we had another mommy visitor. The kids loved having Katie’s mom come play. I am always happy to have moms plan to play, it gives them a good idea […]

Field Trip Rained Out

> These tiny halloween tubs are great for sorting and counting . Sometimes, they are used to other things too! This is our shape scarecrow from yesterday. These are pictures […]

How Do Pumpkins Grow?

>Today has been a fun day. We got back into our routine and EVEN WENT OUTSIDE! YAY! We did our weekly reader today. Not all of the Weekly Readers are […]

What Falls in the Fall?

>Today, a little more stress free, we started our fall unit. The carpet is laid and nothing.. nothing… is put back in place but hey.. new carpet has to be […]

Outside Play Anyone?

> Today we tried a new lunch treat that I read about on a blog. Caterpillars! You stick the dry spaghetti through the hot dog and boil. Most of the […]