And Debbie is my name-o

Sing to the tune of BINGO   D- e -b -b -i- e D- e- b -b- i -e D- e -b- b- i- e Debbie is my name-o   This is the song we are singing to teach names to our littles .   When you are driving  or getting ready for bed  or […]

Day 2 and Glue

Day two was SO much less chaotic.   The high emotions subsided and the littles began to feel more comfortable in our space.  We had all hands on deck at 730 just in case children had a really tough time  like yesterday but it was a new day.  Children came in the gate with smiles […]

First Day and DAP

Today !! We survived but we did so much more !  We made new friends . We played with materials freely that maybe we had not played with before. We started building family by working together to problem solve . This is a younger group and we had a lot of explorers today .  Many […]

Can I scream now?

Get a cup of coffee and maybe a tylenol. I need to spill.   Tonight were our required assessments for our state funded program.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking the gift horse in the mouth but….   We are told that having children sit for more than 10 minutes is not appropriate. […]

Tylenol ?

>Today – Do you ever have a day that you look in the mirror and say ” I KNEW better than that ?” All 16 of our munchkins were here today. The morning went smooth. Autum’s dad and mom came around 10:00 to talk about his Indian culture. He brought arrow heads, indian jewelry and […]

What do I need to pack when I travel?

>One of our activities today was looking in a suitcase. First we discovered that the suitcase had WHEELS! We talked about why a suitcase might have wheels and why we would use one. Then, I asked ” what do you think is inside my suitcase?” I got answers like toys and dinosaurs. 🙂 Then I […]

The Train Wreck

> Today. I failed. We are doing the story “Brown Bear , Brown Bear”. I have some cool new toys that are made from the story. I have story cubes that you match the front of the animal to the back. I have a soft toy that makes the animal sounds. I downloaded from ITUNES […]