Row Row Row Your Boat

> Clara reading a book and playing with the new puppets. New puppets I made from scrap booking materials! Love them! Book and Puppets! Clara wrote a note to hang […]

Outside Play Anyone?

> Today we tried a new lunch treat that I read about on a blog. Caterpillars! You stick the dry spaghetti through the hot dog and boil. Most of the […]

Homemade apple sauce anyone?

>Today we made home- made applesauce. As the kids were coming in I was sitting at their table paring apples. They loved watching me core the apples. Then, we put […]

Rockstars !

>Celebrating our first full week of preschool !

2nd Day is a Charm

>Wow, i am totally blown away by the wonderful day that we have had. By 8 am everyone that was a little uneasy about coming in had calmed down and […]